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A micro job is, as the word implies, a very small paid task. A better word for micro jobs might actually be "gigs" because the word "jobs" might imply employment, and no micro jobs are for employees but only for independent contractors.
Defining Micro Jobs
The basic concept of a micro job, receiving a small fee for a small task, runs across many possible types of micro jobs.
These might include: Online tasks: These small tasks, or microtasks, can be done entirely online, requiring no real-world interaction. Buyers of these services advertise on micro job websites to find someone willing to do the task.

We currently have five type of campaign / jobs for employers and workers  .

  1. USA / UK/ AU /CA jobs
  2. International jobs
  3. Limited Countries jobs
  4. Hired Group jobs
  5. Paid to Click jobs
For complete details please check employer guideline


Micro jobs that specializes in pay-per-action . 
It connects advertisers ( Employers) with publishers ( Workers) in a super partnership to help you reach your customers across the world, and help you generate a natural-organic web traffic and increase business sales or get paid without Investment


You will be paid via bank ,cheque or any method available, after reaching the minimum amount to withdraw funds.



We do not promise you will be able to sustain a living off the earnings, but it can definitely be a 2nd income for you and for your family.
Earn Extra while you are using the Internet by spending a few minutes or an hour every day doing micro jobs!


To find more about the jobs and marketing or earning please check workers or employer guidelines